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GloDerWorks UK OfficeWhat We Do

GloDerWorks provides design and web services to individuals, commercial and corporate clients, and not-for-profit organizations. Our objective is providing a premium service that is second to none. Whether you require a small site to establish your web presence or a custom-built database driven site, we listen to and meet your needs.  While our company is small, we have designed and developed well over 1,000 websites!


GloDerWorks started in January 2002 after Gloria Hansen of East Windsor, New Jersey and Derry Thompson of Bewdley, Worcs. UK joined their skills to Work on several projects together. 

Derry Thompson has been programming and working with computers most of his adult life. Originally trained as a graphic designer with an art degree from the University of Buckinghamshire, he started tinkering with programming in the early days of the microcomputer revolution. With the arrival of computer based graphic design and publishing, he found his skill sets ideally placed and obtained a computer degree from the NEW College of Worcestershire.  Derry published one of the first–Macintosh produced publications in the UK, which received several desktop publishing awards, and was a principal in one of the first Apple centres in the UK. Throughout the 80s & 90s, he worked extensively in the graphics and pre-press arena and was a founder member of Apple UK’s Pre-Press council. He published his first web site in 1996 and has since worked in the U.K., Europe and the U.S.A. designing and building web sites for a variety clients.  He has lectured on website standards and code, and continues being a technical consultant for several leading computer books.

Using his extensive experience of databases obtained while selling, specifying, and supporting systems, Derry was an early builder of database driven websites eventually becoming a sought-after developer and trainer.  He is also an authority on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and e-marketing, speaking at large training sessions for others in the field. While his focus is on building websites, SEO work, and e-marketing, he continues writing for O’Reilly, publishing scripts, alpha and beta testing software for various software companies, and trains other web developers on the latest web-related technologies.

Gloria has been designing using digital media for well over two decades and has been involved with computers since the 1980s. She is an avid Macintosh user and long-time active member in the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  She was an early advocate of electronic bulletin board services and began writing about computer-based design and the Internet in the mid-1990s. She went on to earn certifications for web design and production in NYC. Gloria began working as a web coordinator and designer for The Parkinson Alliance, a non-profit organization, in early 2001. Gloria and Derry joined their skills for a large project for The Parkinson Alliance, which resulted in them working on several projects together.  Gloria continues her work and involvement with The Parkinson Alliance, the Parkinson's Unity Walk, and their related Parkinson's organizations. 

Gloria is also an avid photographer, an author, and an award-winning artist whose work appeared in various books, magazines, and on television. She has been honored to win over 200 awards, including the 2007 Master of Innovative Artistry Award at the prestigious International Quilting Association show in Houston, Texas.  She has an art quilt in the permanent collection of the National Quilt Musuem in Paducah, Kentucky; another in the permanent colletion of the Chandler Center for the Arts in Chandler, Arizona; and had a solo show at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles where she was described as “one of the world’s foremost digital quilt designers.” A pioneer in uniting the quiltmaker with the computer, she co-authored “The Quilter’s Computer Companion,” a ground-breaking book published in 1996. She also wrote or co-wrote 15 other titles, including "Digital Essentials, the Quilt Maker’s Must Have Guide to Images, Files, and More,” which was a USA Book News “Best Books 2009” finalist, and "Gloria Hansen: An Evolution in Stitches, Paint & Pixel," covering thirty years of her work.  She has lectured and taught on Internet and computer design topics, and has been a freelance columnist for various fiber-related publications, including the technology columnist for The Professional Quilter since 1996 through 2014. Gloria also had a prior career as a paralegal and manager of a law firm in Princeton, NJ where she also maintained and serviced the firm's Macintosh computers. 

Full-Time Employees

Anita Truswell has worked in administration positions in the engineering industry for much of her working life. Working for corporations such as GKN, Delta and Linemann has given her a wealth of experience across a broad range of disciplines. In addition to serving as our fantastic office administrator, Anita works directly with clients, happily assisting them with their website content.  Her skills also include e-marketing and SEO work.



Andrew Frazier has over a decade of experience working in the art and craft industry. His web design and programming skills began as a part-time activity, but quickly grew into a complete passion. Years back, he created the leading unofficial fan site for Kidderminster Harriers Football Club which he continues to maintain.  Entirely self-taught, Andrew's elite skill set in a wide array of web-languages far exceeded those of the many we spoke to with computer degrees. Andrew continues to be a very valued member of our team.

It's also our pleasure to take on a couple of interns from local schools during the later portion of each school year.